Business profile

Business model

MDI Energia S.A’s area of expertise covers:

  • constructing wind farms, biogas installations, and photovoltaic investments
  • general implementation of residential and commercial investments

MDI Energia S.A. is a specialized entity leading projects as general contractor or project supervisor. We realize projects under the supervision of a highly qualified engineering team, which guides the subcontractors. We specialize in OZE (renewable energy) projects. On a national scale we are among the pioneers in implementing wind farms. Since 2002 we work on the biggest investments of its’ kind in Poland, fulfilling the role of General Contractor of all general construction and driveway projects. Up until now we’ve constructed wind farms with a combined power of 400 MW. We also have experience in in negotiating and contracting purchases, organizing deliveries and in supervising assembly of wind turbines.

Other than OZE, MDI Energia S.A. realizes multiple residential and commercial investment projects. Up until this point we have constructed multi-family houses in Warsaw, Piaseczno, Otwock, Szczecin, Lublin, Poznań, Kraków, Olsztyn, and Świdnik with a combined usable area (PUM) of over 475 000 square meters. We are also in the business of constructing production halls and storages - we have constructed such buildings in Szczecin and Wrocław, and office buildings in Piaseczno and Lublin, among others.

Onshore wind power

Realization of projects in turn-key form

We are among the pioneers of wind powerplant installations in Poland, we’ve realized projects with a combined power output of over 400MW (8% of all wind powerplants in Poland)

Biogas power plants

Biogas installations

To this day we’ve completed 7 biogas installation projects.

Photovoltaic power plants

Implementation of integrated and free-standing installations

Activities in a Green Energy sector – photovoltaic projects. EPC Contractor with capabilities to accomplish 80-100 installments annually in a 4-6 weeks construction cycle.

Enclosed structures

Residential and commercial investment

Real Estate developments: multi-family houses - more than 2.000 apartments under construction/year all over Poland. Commercial buildings (offices, storages, etc.).